How to install Tor Browser in Termux [No Root]

Tor provides a safe and secure method for browsing the Internet anonymously, using an onion-like structure that is freely distributed under BSD license terms. (Install tor browser in termux) There is, however, an Android version of Tor Browser. Recent announcements by the Tor Project lead to the first-ever official Android version of the Tor Browser—but … Read more

How to install Termux on Android without Root

Termux is one of the most popular terminal emulators for Android that lets you run linux commands on the device. There are hundreds of add-ons available for Termux, allowing you to enhance the power of your device without requiring root access. Termux has gained immense popularity amongst developers worldwide in the last few years. The … Read more

How to install Windows 10 using Termux on Android

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Install Kali Nethunter using Termux on Android [No root]

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[Fix] UAC Warning! When Installing XAMPP Windows 7/8/10

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UUP Dump Downloader – How to Guide [2021]

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